About Us

MYCV is a human resources company constituted so as to employ the qualified staff who can provide the demands of national and international companies which are in need of workforce and to improve the required efficiency regarding this matter.

MYCV distinguishes by means of designing features and ease of use and aims the optimum job – employee relationship to provide a productive and succesful business life for its users by incorporating professionals from around Turkey and the World under a network. You can get millions of professionals in one network with MYCV.

We are getting prepared to congregate thousands of job seekers and employers with our motto: "Right person with right job.". You can create your resume with our influental CV creation tools and start getting noticed by the companies you intend to so that you can progress through the career you are planning.

We generate hundreds of candidates for the employers with our current and expanding databases and we provide those candidates their dream jobs. Our aim is to make sure that employers find the most suitable candidates and candidates retrieve the most suitable job offer via our system which is progressively being improved and renovated to execute the applications in fastest and most efficient ways. MYCV also brings forward the job finding process for candidates and candidate searching process for the companies on top of the agenda through mobile applications which provide continous availability and notices/reminders sent via these applications, in addition to the web site.

MYCV comprehends all national and international enterprises including corporate bodies to local companies and it distinguishes among others on Human Resources matters.