Advertisement Principles


Companies which use the services offered by MYCV are hereinafter referred to as Customer.

MYCV Human Resources and Consultance Joint-Stock Company is hereinafter referred to as MYCV

MYCV and the customer have come to a complete agreement on virtual environment regarding the Advertisement Principles herein being executed.


The subject of this present contract is to regulate the mutual rights and liabilities of the parties regarding the advertising service by MYCV for recruitment of work force in virtual environment by the customer through the web site.

Figures and terms regarding the customer issuing online recruitment advertisement in accordance with the the service being used via MYCV, adding company profile and logo to advertisements automatically, filtering advertisement aplications according to staff criteria and answering the advertisements are included in scope of principles.

Definitions of Services

Customer can issue an advertisement, can edit the text of an issued advertisement under the restrictions imposed by MYCV and can activate or deactivate the advertisement anytime, via the advertisement module.

Customer information and customer logo will be included in the advertisement page without a seperate action being necessary.


Customer membership is perpetual. Membership remains intact unless the membership is cancelled by the customer of MYCV (information regarding the membership cancellation is given in contracts for Terms of Usage, Privacy Policy and Membership Terms).


Customer acknowledges that he/she can not announce multiple positions under one advertisement in the issued staff advertisement on MYCV pages. Advertisement shall be removed in case of violation of this article.

Content creation for the advertisement is personally the customer’s responsibility. Customer is personally responsible of any mistake or misinformation given to candidates which might occur on the announced position, company profile or the company logo being used. Customer is the respondent for all and any 3.rd party requests related to the content of the company profile which is subjected to this present contract thus customer acknowledges, claims and pledges that MYCV has no responsibilities regarding this matter.

Customer can not add fax number, e-mail number, address or web site adress in the issued advertisement.

The technical specifications of the advertisement must be in accordance with the specifications indicated at the MYCV advertisement introduction interface. MYCV is entitled to modify the mentioned specifications and the up to date specifications which are specified in the web site are valid for an advertisement upload.

The recruitment advertisement which is subjected to this present contract will be issued by the customer, using the "user name-password" which are determined during the sign up process for the web site.

Customer acknowledges and undertakes that he/she will not redirect the aplications in reply to his/her issued advertisements in MYCV pages to any other fax number, e-mail address, address or web site address other than MYCV or he/she will not use any redirection using the MYCV system.

The issue duration of the issued recruitment advertisements on MYCV pages is in accordance with the indicated duration in the MYCV web site, starting by the activation date of the advertisement.

Customer shall also state as application channel in staff advertisements in written media as long as this contract is in charge.

Issued information on MYCV web site is public. MYCV is not responsible of these information being copied, multiplied or distributed.

MYCV is entitled to an unilateral cancellation of the membership of customer, in case the customer shares information with 3rd parties regarding the candidates who applied via MYCV, does not take required measures for information privacy or contacts the candidates for any purposes other than employment. (training, marketing, representation, product presentation etc..)


Parties shall attempt to peacefully solve any possible disputes nevertheless if the dispute can not be solved peacefuly, parties accept and declare that İstanbul Court of Law and Execution Offices are authorized in solving any disputes arising from the execution and interpretation of this contract.

MYCV reserves the title to modify the advertisement principles. New and updated advertisement principles shall be effective as of the date they are issued at MYCV.

MYCV shall provide the customer with any means of support regarding the system usage via the customer relationship department. Customer also may contact MYCV for any requests and complaints.

Members should read hereby Advertisement Principles carefuly before they proceed with the process. We suggest you do not comprehend further with the process in case that the given terms are not partially and/or fully viable for you/your corporate. In case themembership is processed, customer accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she has read all the information about the basic attributes of the advertisement principles subject so to have information on the matter and verified accordingly in electronic environment.