Terms of Use

Individual and corporate users are hereinafter referred to as MEMBER.

MYCV Terms of Service consists of general rules and legal obligations regarding using the web site and is in integrity with sections with titles Privacy Policy and Membership Terms. Member must read this present Terms of Service along with Privacy Policy and Membership Terms before confirming to further process. We suggest you do not use MYCV for any purpose in case that the given terms are not partially and/or fully viable for you/your corporate. Using MYCV by any means, connotes that you accept our terms and conditions. You will also need to visit this page during you visit MYCV.com.

Member accepts the acts of terms of service by filling in the form/profile in which the individual or corporate information is included. MYCV is entitled to unilaterally reject or cancel the issue of member information of which is considered as partially or completely inappropriate in respect to conditions stated in Terms of Service.

MYCV reserves the title to unilaterally modify, intercept, alter the content or cancel the below mentioned conditions at anytime and without any notice. Member accepts this preserved right in advance.

MYCV shall issue the updated Privacy Policy and Membership Terms on web site and shall inform the member via e-mail in case it is considered as necessary. Updated Privacy Policy and Membership Terms shall be effective as soon as it is issued on MYCV and the usage of the web site shall be obliged to newly updated terms as of the issue date.


Members can only use the information in accordance with the purposes which are stated in Terms of Service.

All rights for all information, texts, logos, graphics and statistical informations and without being limited to herein all kinds of images and pictures in MYCV content are reserved.

The information within the web site can not be duplicated, distributed, rented, copied, used, modified, issued or reserved for future usage without the prior written notice of MYCV. All information within the web site are property of MYCV.

Correspondingly, the naming rights and logo are solely belong to MYCV and under no condition can be used or put into use by third party individuals or corporates without written consent of MYCV.

Issuing and/or linking any of the components of the web site by any means, including but not limited to written, verbally and/or electronically; in another web site or any other environment without the written consent of MYCV is strictly forbidden.

Moreover, duplicating and/or using the information and/or software which is used in designing and database building of this web pages is strictly forbidden. All rights for the graphical designs and the software in the web site belongs to MYCV.


MYCV is a public web site. Services for the individual members are free of charges unless otherwise specified. MYCV can prevent usage of the web site temporarily and/or permanently only for below mentioned reasons. Our company reserves any legal rights regarding intended or unintended offending individual or company who commits any of the listed items below.

MYCV reserves withdrawal rights for all of the responsibilities which may arise from below listed reasons and for any possible claims or demands from authorised offices or 3.rd parties.

  1. In case any resume/profile with any irregular, incomplete and/or deceptive information and/or photos or videos which are not appropriate according to common moral values being saved in web site or messages and/or notifications being sent which includes such violations,
  2. In case that any information other than resume; private and/or public announcements, company informations with advertisement purposes and/or account sale formations being included,
  3. In case any kind of information, graphic, and/or logo which is announced by another individual or corporate being deleted, distorted and/or modified,
  4. Announcement issuing and resume search functions being manipulated out of the scope of the web site by companies and contacting individual members with means which are not determined in scope of MYCV terms of usage,
  5. In case the information included in the web site partially or completely copied and used for inaccurate purposes,
  6. In case the information such as user name and password are used out of web site's purposes or being shared by third party individuals / and corporates.

Members accept and undertake to inform MYCV immediately in case that they are aware of any unauthorized access to their accounts or their password was compromised or transpired and that MYCV shall not be responsible of any unwanted access by third parties regarding the member passwords, member accounts and member names.

Our members accept and undertake while picking their user names that they can not change the user name, they can not hand over or sell their accounts to any 3.rd party individual or corporate, they can not obtain user names which belongs to a trade-mark/trade-marks that they do not own, they can not obtain user name for unauthorised usage. Members accept and declare that their membership will be terminated and their user names will be suspended, in case of any violation of terms of service, including but not limited to above mentioned items.

Internet Site Security Rules

MYCV reserves any legal rights regarding any partial or complete violation of security rules OR intended or unintended offending individual or company who commits any of the listed items below.

  1. Attempts to access other resume information of members and/or any kind of direct or indirect attempts which may threaten the general security of the web site,
  2. Any kind of direct or indirect activities which may prevent the software used for the site from working,
  3. Preventing the operation of the web site using viruses.
  4. Sending any e-mails which are not suitable in regard to general rules of the web site and/or sending massive amounts of commercial or personal e-mails at once to lock the bandwith of the web site.


MYCV can not be held responsible of the content of company and candidate information, under any circumstances. Resume/Profile holder members at our web site have sole liability regarding all information included in their resume/profiles. Members accept that they provided such information and all kinds of information given is accurate. All kinds of risks regarding the above mentioned information in this web site are in members' responsibility.

MYCV does not accept any liabilities regarding any kind of information, news, essays, educational presentation programs and other materials which are in the web site and can not be held responsible of their contents.

MYCV is not an employer; resumes which are held in web site/database are not under MYCV's responsibility. MYCV does not have a liability to find jobs and/or candidates for members of the web site. Resume owner who gets in contact with the employer company individually, undertakes the whole responsibility. Companies and candidates carry their own liabilities regarding any relations between both parties.

MYCV solely has the right to implement any modifications on the web site without necessity of giving any prior notice.

MYCV can not be subjected with any responsibility regarding the web site software being defect free and web site is virus free or not. Our company does not accept any liabilities in case the software and/or hardware you are using is damaged arising from any software included in our web site.

Risks regarding the linkages (connections which direct to other web sites) ,which are placed in order to inform and help the visitors, and the web sites that are destinations of those links are on visitors responsibility.

Information about the visitors of MYCV (visit duration, time, pages displayed) are tracked in order to maintain a better service to our members. Information extracted herein is shared, on condition that privacy policy is not violated, with our business partners in order to enhance and enrich our content.

Some information of our individual members may be shared with our member companies in scope of privacy policy, in order to help build a more functional web site.

MYCV may use member information for itself in some marketing operations on condition that privacy policy is not violated. Moreover, MYCV is open to comments and criticism. All the comments and critiques sent to our web site are MYCV property and can be used for marketing purposes.

Members accept to comprehend with Turkish Criminal Code, Turkish Commercial Code, Code of Obligations, Code of Intellectual and Artistic Works, Executive Orders and Legal Regulations for Protecting Proprietary Rights, all the relevant regulatory provisions which are in charge with future regulations and notifications which will be issued regarding our company. Any legal, punitive and financial responsibilities arising from violation of notifications and laws are members' liabilities.

MYCV reserves rights to report the member to authorised offices and terminate the membership in case that the member acts contrary to obligations stated in terms of service, privacy policy and memberhsip terms herein, partially or completely does not meet their liabilities, acts contrary to rules indicated by laws or regulations and such or in case that member's system usage is detected to be contrary to terms of service, privacy policy and membership terms herein or laws. MYCV is free to delete or not to delete any kind of information regarding an account which was terminated by MYCV. Member can not claim any rights or compensation regarding the deleted records. In this case, MYCV reserves acuse and claim rights and has rights to claim compensation of the possible losses occured from the member and revoking rights for the possible compensations and/or administrative/legal fine charges by public institutions and third parties that may come to order in relation with the violation of liabilities by the member.


Cookies may be installed on your computer during you use MYCV. These files are not harmful, they are solely used to extract the information you give to the web site in order to generate a better web site.

This present Terms of Service will be effective as of the usage of MYCV is initiated and it will be valid as long as it is not terminated because of any violation regarding the terms as mentioned above.

Istanbul court of law and execution offices are authorized in resolving any disputes that may occur out of the execution of the Terms of Service herein.

Member accepts and undertakes that he/she read, understood and acknowledged all of the articles included within the Privacy Policy and the Membership Terms and he/she confirms the validity of all the information that he/she gave as of the time the web site is used.

We recommend you check the "Privacy Policy and Membership Terms" sections in order to learn the principles and practices regarding the protection of privacy of our member information.

Thank you for your trust in us by choosing MYCV.